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Akiva Reich

Photo by  Quyn Duong

Photo by Quyn Duong

Akiva Reich is the man behind Gowanus Hospitality Group. He endows much of his success, however, to the community that surrounds him, including not just the extraordinary people, but also the history of the buildings themselves and all of the potential that awaits cultivation.

As an entrepreneur, Reich is always moving and taking calculated risks. With a complex professional resume that includes furniture design, architectural design, building development, and hospitality, he continually seeks new ways to be challenged. His love of Gowanus and the surrounding communities is rooted in his love of history. He is fascinated with the soul of buildings and neighborhoods and is committed to preserving and honoring the unique characteristics that compose the places upon which he sets his sights.

Reich lives in Carroll Gardens with his wife Tamar and their two lovely children, and it is not only through his work, but also his own personal reflection and commitment to charitable giving that he strives to make the world a better place.